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Internet and Computer Services

We want to help you arrive at your comfort zone by working with you to select all or any one of the following services:

  • Web site design and hosting.
  • Internet access and training.
  • Computer software installation and support.
  • Computer hardware advice and installation.
Here is the series of steps we go through with you to determine your needs and how best to accomplish them:
Analysis - Analyze your business and help you develop an understanding on how your business can use the Internet.

How can a web site benefit your business? A web site will:

  • provide information.
  • encourage communication.
  • expedite order-processing.
  • collect customer data.
  • reinforce advertising.
  • provide entertainment.
  • enhance research and development.
  • attract new customers.
Design - Design your web site.

What web site tools are available?
What combination of tools will best accomplish the benefits found in the analysis stage?

  • Reports and newsletters.
  • E-mail and file transfer.
  • Forms and catalogues.
  • Surveys and counters.
  • Graphics.
  • Sound, animation, and video.
  • Links to other sites.
  • Registration of your site with popular Internet searching tools.
Maintenance - Maintain your web site monthly, weekly, or to suit your needs.

Why would your web site need maintenance?
A web site needs maintenance to:

  • allow for flexibility in response to changes in the business environment.
  • provide the technical support to keep your site up to date.
  • process change easily -- addresses, phone numbers, ideas, demands, new techniques, products & services.

Implementation - Install and configure the software and hardware necessary to access the Internet.

How can you visit your web site from your own computer? If needed, eztech can assist you with technical installation.

Training - Training to use the Internet.

How can you navigate the Internet easily? We can help you learn how to:

  • use your browser software more effectively!
  • copy web pages for off-line viewing.
  • print web pages.
  • download files.
  • use e-mail and transfer files.
  • access newsgroups.
  • choose your on-line service (ISP - Internet Service Provider).
  • use browser add-on software.

Please email us at info@eztech.com .

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