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Benefits to being a part of the Internet community

A web site is like a having a storefront open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year long only it is not limited by physical location. Your "Internet presence" on the World Wide Web can be visited by people around the world, and they do not even have to leave the comfort of their home or office. Local customers are not limited to your business hours if they wish to browse in your store or communicate with you. A web site enhances your existing marketing plan because it is a way to:

  • inform, entertain, and communicate with your present customers.
  • invite new people to browse in your "store" to see what you are all about.
  • satisfy both business owners and customers at the same time.
From an owner's perspective a web site can help:
  • dramatically reduce long-distance charges and postage.
  • communicate with clients, colleagues, and suppliers using e-mail to send files, documents, purchase orders, and requisitions.
  • reduce costs is the price of a local phone call and Internet access charges.
  • build an image for your business through your web page design, reports, and newsletters.
  • find additional customers using search engines.
  • allow you to be a forerunner in your industry.
  • help you provide greater customer service by improving response time.
From a customer's perspective, a web site can provide:
  • unhurried and leisurely browsing.
  • shop and order from the comfort of your own desk.
  • savings in time and money by using e-mail for communication.
For both customers and owners, a web site:
  • is a vast, worldwide network crossing time zones. Do what you need to do, when you want to do it!
  • allows you to see what your competitors are doing.
  • can help increase efficiency by using on-line tools such as forms and catalogues.

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